Casino in Georgia? Soon If House Gets Its WayGeorgia is one of the most conservative states in the US. In fact, it has a strong anti-gambling stance that it bans almost all types of gambling. As a result, there is no casino in Georgia.

The closest casino to Georgia is near its boundary with South Carolina in the north and Alabama in the south. However, there are no casinos, dog tracks, or horse tracks in the state. The state does allow selling raffle tickets and charitable bingo. It also runs the state lottery.

The good news is that there are indicators that change is coming soon. State representatives passed a bill to allow a casino in Georgia. Gambling industry news outlets are reporting about the latest development in the Peach State

Casino in Georgia

The State of Georgia started as an anti-gambling British colony. In fact, its founder’s goal is to be a haven for people with heavy debt. People came to Georgia to escape their debts. As a result, vices, such as gambling, were prohibited in the colony.

Since its founding, the state was gambling-free. At present, many residents still don’t want bookie pay per head or any type of gambling due to their religious beliefs. However, there are some people who are changing their minds about the topic.

At present, revenue from the Georgia Lottery funds The Hope Scholarship Program. It provides free education to thousands of children each year. Its budget depends on the lottery’s revenue alone.

There’s a reason why there’s hope in Georgia. First, there’s a new governor. Brian Kemp said he is willing to approve a gambling law under some conditions. Second, the voting public sees the Hope program to be more important than gambling.

Representative Ron Stephens filed a gambling bill and it cleared the House. Now it is up for the Senate to approve it. Once it clears the Senate, it will be the first time the state is moving towards gambling. In the future, you might have a chance to become an online bookie in the state. When you do, make sure to read PPH reviews, such as this review.