Caster Semenya Appeal EndsThe Caster Semenya appeal case ended Friday. The week-long hearing came to a halt with the gold medalist having the last word. After a decade of battling with the IAAF, she will finally get a decision from sport’s highest court.

The two-time South African 800-meter champion filed the appeal at the Court of Arbitration for Sport after the IAAF proposed new hormone regulations. The new rules require women athletes with high testosterone levels to lower them via medication. Failure to achieve it will disqualify them from world-class events.

The IAAF regulations will apply to various track events, including distances Semenya usually competes in. The CAS told bookie pay per head experts that it will announce its verdict by March 26.

The Decision on Caster Semenya Appeal

Three judges from the CAS will decide on the Caster Semenya appeal. They said that the verdict will have a huge impact on sports. Also, it will change the treatment of differences of sexual development in the future.

Semenya is not the only female athlete with high testosterone levels. However, she made sports news headlines due to unfortunate events. As a result, she became the unwilling face of the issue.

The CAS verdict will have a big impact on the Olympian’s career. She will be competing in the world championships in September, where she will defend her 800-meter crown. If the IAAF wins, then she needs to stop taking medication.

Semenya’s legal team argued that the regulations discriminated against her natural gift. On the other side, the IAAF said regulations will make the competitions fair for all. Female athletes with high levels of testosterone have an unfair advantage over their competition.

Some sessions of the Caster Semenya appeal were held at a secret location to protect their confidentiality. However, Semenya’s legal team complained that IAAF breached the confidentiality agreement by talking with the press. There are already some bookie PPH taking wagers on the appeal’s results.