Tighter Measures Needed to Protect Problem GamblersThe UK Gambling Commission urged betting companies to implement tighter regulations to protect problem gamblers. The commission made the request after a surge in online gambling activities during the lockdown.

The UKGC said that problem gamblers are more vulnerable during the coronavirus lockdown. Also, its study showed virtual sports, and online poker increased 40 percent and 38 percent, respectively, in March.

Online slot machine gambling increased by 25 percent in March. It was the month when the government implemented the lockdown in the UK. Sixty-four percent of more engaged gamblers increased the money or time spent on online gambling since the coronavirus lockdown.

Measures to Protect Problem Gamblers

The number of sports wagers dropped by 31 percent in March. It came in a time of cancellations of most sports events across the globe based on sportsbook pay per head reports.

KSA Upholds Gambling Rules in the NetherlandsThe spread of coronavirus has affected the Netherlands gambling industry. Also, land-based gaming sites are part of the non-essential businesses list. Thus, they are temporarily closed. However, Dutch players can’t gamble online as the KSA upholds gambling rules.

Online gambling is illegal in the Netherlands. It will remain that way until June of 2021. Despite their status, some online operators began targeting Dutch players looking for a way to satisfy their gambling needs. If you want to start an online bookie business next year, be sure to check out Price Per Player sports betting software.

However, Kansspelautoriteit or KSA will not tolerate their actions. The regulator warned all online gambling operators not to take advantage of the current health situation in the country. Also, their actions will influence the regulator’s decision on granting licenses in the future, according to a gambling blog report.

KSA Upholds Gambling Rules

KSA is firm with its stance that’s posted on its website. The Dutch regulator claimed advertising content that references the COVID-19 outbreak is not allowed. According to Discount Pay Per Head, the minimum fine is €50,000. The maximum penalty depends on the nature of the ad and its reach.

Importance of Cash Flow Reports for a BookieOne of the lessons to learn how to be a bookie is to know the proper use of cash flow reports. Generating important business reports is easy with a pay per head bookie solution. One of the reports you have access to is regular cash flow reports.

The best thing about it is that the financial reports are available even at the cheapest tier of the PPH system. Monitoring cash flow is the best way to ensure you have a sufficient level of cash on hand.

There are two ways to ensure you have enough cash to handle all your financial responsibilities. The first one is to offer more betting options. It is not just opening lines for more sports, but also exploring other online gambling options, such as online casino and a racebook. You can find a pay per head bookie solution that will allow you to offer more than just a sportsbook pay per head.

The other way to improve cash flow is to attract more active players. Although adding more players do come with risks, you can avoid them through proper planning. Adding more players can provide you with higher cash flow and improve your bottom line.

Nebraska Legal Gambling Campaign Gets Support from Tribal CompanyA Nebraska-based Native American tribe is putting big money in support of the Nebraska legal gambling campaign will make casino gambling legal. Ho-Chunk Inc. is funding the petition drive. At present, it contributed around $1.5 million to the Keep the Money in Nebraska initiative.

The campaign will allow voters to decide whether to allow casino gambling at licensed horse racing tracks in Lincoln, Omaha, Columbus, Hastings, South Sioux City, and Grand Island.

Lance Morgan, CEO and president of Ho-Chunk, told a bookie PPH news site that he thinks legalizing casinos in the state is a good idea. He said that the measure would bring around $80 million a year in tax revenues for the local communities and the state. Also, he said that the state could use the income to lower property taxes.