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Sports Betting News

Indiana Casinos to Launch Sports Betting in September

Indiana Casinos to Launch Sports Betting in SeptemberIndiana casinos are preparing for the launch of sports betting in the state. Their target date is September 1. They want to get the advantage over their competitors in the Midwest that hasn’t allowed wagering on sports yet.

All 13 state-licensed casinos and three off-track betting parlors are preparing for on-site sports betting. They told pay per head service analysts that their sportsbooks will be ready in time for the state of the 2019 NFL season. Also, they are working on online betting apps. However, the mobile launch date will be in the fall.

One of the casinos ready for the sports betting launch is Caesars Entertainment. It has dedicated sports betting areas in its Indiana casinos near Chicago and Kentucky. Regional president Dan Nita told pay per head sportsbook sites that the company wants to get a head start and attract gamblers in its Hammond casino before the launch of sports betting in Illinois. The latter just approved its sports wagering legislation in June.

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Casino in Georgia? Soon If House Gets Its Way

Casino in Georgia? Soon If House Gets Its WayGeorgia is one of the most conservative states in the US. In fact, it has a strong anti-gambling stance that it bans almost all types of gambling. As a result, there is no casino in Georgia.

The closest casino to Georgia is near its boundary with South Carolina in the north and Alabama in the south. However, there are no casinos, dog tracks, or horse tracks in the state. The state does allow selling raffle tickets and charitable bingo. It also runs the state lottery.

The good news is that there are indicators that change is coming soon. State representatives passed a bill to allow a casino in Georgia. Gambling industry news outlets are reporting about the latest development in the Peach State

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Gambling Industry News

Importance of Cash Flow Reports for a Bookie

Importance of Cash Flow Reports for a BookieOne of the lessons to learn how to be a bookie is to know the proper use of cash flow reports. Generating important business reports is easy with a pay per head bookie solution. One of the reports you have access to is regular cash flow reports.

The best thing about it is that the financial reports are available even at the cheapest tier of the PPH system. Monitoring cash flow is the best way to ensure you have a sufficient level of cash on hand.

There are two ways to ensure you have enough cash to handle all your financial responsibilities. The first one is to offer more betting options. It is not just opening lines for more sports, but also exploring other online gambling options, such as online casino and a racebook. You can find a pay per head bookie solution that will allow you to offer more than just a sportsbook pay per head.

The other way to improve cash flow is to attract more active players. Although adding more players do come with risks, you can avoid them through proper planning. Adding more players can provide you with higher cash flow and improve your bottom line.

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